The Hy-Result team®

Docteur Nicolas Postel-Vinay

Medical Director

Dr. Nicolas Postel-Vinay (MD) works in the arterial hypertension unit of the European Hospital Georges Pompidou (AP-HP, Paris. France). He is the author of numerous articles and books on hypertension. As a specialist in therapeutic patient education and mobile health, he is involved in research to evaluate the contribution of new technologies to medical practice. In addition to its clinical experience, Nicolas Postel-Vinay did work for the French Ministry of Health and the Collège de France.

Docteur Guillaume Bobrie

Member of the Scientific Committee

Dr. Guillaume Bobrie (MD) works a nephrologist in the hypertension unit of the European Hospital Georges Pompidou (AP-HP, Paris. France). Pioneer of medical research on home blood pressure measurement, he was the first to describe the phenomenon and the consequences of the so-called masked hypertension, (research published in 2004 in the Journal of American Medical Association - JAMA). In 2002, he was also the first to use connected sphygmomanometer to monitor patients who self adjust their antihypertensive medications, research conducted with Nicolas Postel-Vinay. His areas of expertise include the management of resistant hypertension.

Julien Goumet

SRS project manager

Julien has an international career focused on management and marketing. (India, France, Paris, Madagascar). He created the Bocasay development center.

Mathieu Bernard


Mathieu Bernard is specializes in development and management engineering. During his career, he has worked on various technologies ranging from ERP for the industry to Web & Mobile development, including virtual reality projects. He joined Bocasay as technical director.

Romain Juillet

Business developer

Graduated from INSA in Telecommunications and then from a Master's Degree specialized in business school in digital, Romain Juillet has strong technical and commercial bases to offer innovative services in the digital world. With Julien Goumet, he created Bocasay, a company specializing in digital. Romain is responsible for the commercial development of the Hy-Result® solution.

Scientific Committee

Le logiciel Hy-result est conçu par des médecins spécialistes de l’hypertension artérielle. Créé pour la première version en 1999, Hy-Result est approuvé par les auteurs et comité scientifique suivant :

  • Doctor Guillaume Bobrie (Paris, France)
  • Professor Joël Ménard (Paris, France)
  • Professor Alexandre Persu (Louvain, Belgium)
  • Professor Pierre-François Plouin (Paris, France)
  • Doctor Nicolas Postel-Vinay (Paris, France)
  • Doctor Sébastien Savard (Québec, Canada)
  • Professor Bernard Waeber (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Ces experts de l’hypertension artérielle sont auteurs de nombreuses articles scientifiques indexés dans la base de publication Pubmed (US National Library of Medicine – National Institute of Health) gages de leur professionnalisme et de leur compétence.