A decision-support system


Hy-Result® algorithm interpretes blood pressure readings automatically.

Hy-Result® has two purposes:

  • Screening for high blood pressure
  • Follow-up of hypertensive patients

The website hy-result.com is designed by physicians specializing in hypertension.

The Hy-Result® protocole.

Hy-Result software is a computerized tool to help in interpreting the results of blood pressure self-measurement. The software uses rules (algorithms) written by medical experts. The software calculates the average systolic blood pressure self-measurement results (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) results and then takes into account user variables (age, sex, antihypertensive therapy or not, comorbidities such as diabetes, kidney disease…). This data is then integrated according to clinical practice guidelines that define hypertension or hypertensive normotension as well as treatment targets. The text messages comply with the texts and recommendations cited in the references. They are expressed clearly, in language easily understood by the patient. The authors submitted all the text messages to a scientific council of experts from several nationalities.

Monitor your blood pressure readings over time :
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To monitor your blood pressure readings over months and years, a new service of the Hy-Result® platform is under development. Please leave us your email to be informed of its launch. Until this time, please use the version on a week. Click here.